The DML team works in a variety of ways with clients to manage risk and drive value across every phase of a project.

The DML team is able to coordinate and manage major development and infrastructure projects across both public and private sectors, including residential, commercial, retail and leisure uses.
Acting as Client Representative, we can take control of the masterplan development and complete project cycle. We make sure the team is effectively coordinated to ensure full financial potential is secured from the scheme.
We can be appointed at any stage, but are most effective when we are able to coordinate the appointment of the full professional team, including the sourcing of architects and other key professionals through competition.

We offer the full range of real estate advice from acquisition planning through to asset management and leasing strategy.
This can include technical due diligence to inform the client’s investment decisions; procurement audits and supply chain “health checks” to assess whether a project is achieving best value for money through the construction process; and strategic advice to inform future growth/exist strategies that realise shareholder value.

We manage risk and drive value across every phase of the project.
Ensuring a development is completed within defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints is a complex and time-consuming process. Through DML’s extensive sector knowledge and technical skills we make sure all parties to the development understand their roles, targets and milestones, managing conflict and minimising down-time.
We are not only experienced in new construction, but have significant capability in working with refurbishments and Listed Buildings having undertaken work on the Grade I Natural History Museum and Grade II Listed Café Royal.