Ilona Rose House Breaks Ground

November 30, 2017

Ilona Rose House Render

VIDEO: A construction time-lapse which covers a period of three months October to January 2018 forĀ IloneĀ Rose House.

Ilona Rose House, Soho Estates flagship development in the heart of Soho which is project managed by DML, is underway with the commencement of the Demolition and Enabling works package. Starting in March 2017, this first phase of work incorporates the demolition of existing structures, piling and excavation to form four stories of basement levels. The basement level areas will accommodate Post-production studios, restaurant areas, as well as landlord plant, management and servicing areas. The first phase is scheduled for completion early in 2019.

The second phase will continue the development and incorporate the superstructure, external envelope and all Shell and Core works. The mixed-use development will include office, retail, and restaurant uses. The second phase is scheduled for completion mid-2020.